Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Sync it with your WiFi network once, then leave your coffee bag on it. The scale then learns from your consumption and re-orders for you at just the right time.

Do I have control of ordering?

Yes! You will get an alert 8-12 hours before orders are placed so you have a chance to change your coffee, postpone or cancel.

You can also customize how "eager" our algorithms are to order for you. We adapt to your needs using real-time data on your consumption.

How much does it cost?

We're price-competitive with the grocery store, shipping included. Prices start at $11.29.

Just pay for the coffee. Shipping and use of the scale are free!

How do I pick my coffee?

We have an online store featuring a variety of roasters. If you like consistency, you can pick a specific coffee which will be reordered repeatedly.

If you like variety, you can choose one of our Rotating products. You can change the product linked to your account at any time.

Can I use a container with the scale?

Yes! The scale can easily be "zeroed" with almost any home coffee container or jar.

What if I use a coffee machine/grinder that has a hopper?

We have several happy customers with this set-up already. You can leave most of your coffee in the bag (it won't go stale since it's so fresh) and pour coffee into the hopper every few days.

Where do I put the scale?

Wherever you keep your coffee! The scale works in a cupboard, on your kitchen counter or wherever else is convenient.

Does it need to be plugged in?

The scale is battery powered and lasts for months at a time on a single charge.

What sensors are in the scale?

The only sensor in the scale is a weight sensor.

How often do you ship?

Whenever we detect that you'll need a new bag soon. This can be as often as every few days or every few months.

Wait, I have other questions!

We'd love to answer them! please drop us a note to

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